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BTM can supply mechanical joining solutions for all your production needs – from simple tools to sophisticated automation.

Clinching is a mechanical fastening technique that joins two or more layers of sheet metal using a special punch and die to produce a strong interlocking joint. The result of the process is a round, button-shaped extrusion on the die side of the assembly and a small cylindrical cavity on the punch side.
The clinch joint requires only the metal sheets being joined. No additional materials are needed. The process is also blindingly fast: the average clinch joint takes less than a second to make.

 Clinching joins sheets and extruded parts regardless of differences in metal, thickness, ductility and size. This innovative joining technology is used in countless industries all over the world, from automotive, appliances and HVAC to electrical, metal furniture and construction.

Switching to BTM clinching solutions will streamline your production processes and make them cleaner, cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Find out how to put clinching to work for you!